Sorry, I Can’t Hear You Over The Sound Of Kim Kardashian’s Boobs Hanging Out Of This Shirt

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Kim Kardashian boobs shirt New York City June 2014

Extra! Extra! Read all about it! Kim Kardashian possesses boobs! If you were uncertain about their existence before, even after she let them enjoy Bonnaroo through some kind of shirt stocking, there really won't be any doubt in your mind after you see her in the shirt she wore out and about in New York City yesterday. In broad daylight. While pushing her daughter North West in a stroller. In front of paparazzi.

Yep. Those are definitely breasts. Of the female variety. And this doesn't appear to be some wardrobe malfunction in which her buttons caught on something and came undone. Pretty sure that's some very intentional boobage. Kim was apparently dropping North off at home before heading out to dinner. Ah, that explains it. Clearly Kim decided it was finally time to reward those hard-working girls for all the breastfeeding they did, so she was like, “Hey you two, let me treat you to a fancy dinner, on me.” Then her boobs were like, “Aw shucks Kim, you spoil us.” And Kim was like, “You so deserve it. Stop selling yourselves short.” So Kim found her best open-to-the-belly-button blouse and let them have a girls' night out.

That's really the only explanation, unless Kim has decided to join the #FreeTheNipple campaign. I don't think that's not the case, though. I mean, I can definitely hear those areolae threatening to make an appearance, but they seem pretty intentionally silenced under there. I think this is Kim's own personal #FreeTheRestOfTheBoob campaign, and she's really making a statement.

Little North's gotta be pretty sick of that view, though, wouldn't you think? “Ugh, these two again,” she probably scoffed from her stroller. “I'm a whole year old now. Can't we just part ways? Don't worry, I have your contact information. We'll stay in touch. I just need some space right now, okay? Oh stop, don't be like that. I enjoyed our time together, but I'm an independent baby now.”

(Photo: TS, PacificCoastNews)