Kim Kardashian Is Done Trying To Be Friends With Beyonce, And I’m Sure Beyonce Is Heartbroken

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Guys, I'm starting to worry about Kim Kardashian. She's taking this grudge against Beyonce for skipping her wedding a little too seriously, at least according to tabloid reports. But as I've said time and time again, I don't believe any rumor or gossip is out of the question for the Kardashians. Including this latest one from Radar Online claiming Kim is so done trying to reclaim Beyonce's friendship… as if it existed in the first place.

According to a source, there was “no love lost” between the two ladies at the MTV VMAs on Sunday. That was kind of obvious by the way Kim did all but look at her watch during Beyonce's performance. Of course, she looked equally bored for the entire show, so that's hardly evidence of bad blood. But apparently Kim still “blames Beyonce for Jay Z skipping their wedding.” Kanye supposedly “considered Jay family.” There were even rumors he'd be the best man. But now Kim wants absolutely nothing to do with the couple:

“Kim has absolutely no use for Beyonce and Jay, and doesn’t think they are worthy to be friends with Kanye.”

What use did she have for them before? Oh right, she was apparently desperate to be BFFs with Beyonce. Like that time she behaved like the Gretchen Wieners to Beyonce's Regina George at the doctor's office. Kim may have a reality show and an adorable baby and lots and lots of undeserved wealth, but a friendship with Queen B would be the cherry on top of the fame sundae. Sadly Beyonce didn't appear to be so into that idea. It also seems like perhaps Jay and Kanye would have their own problems to work through apart from their wives, but sadly they're both living in their bootylicious shadows.

What I love about Kim's outrage is that it's so one-sided and delusional. It's like watching someone yell at a person with earbuds in who can't hear a word they're saying and doesn't even look up from what they're doing to pay attention. And then the person yelling walks away in a huff like “I showed them!” and the person with the earbuds removes one and asks, “Hey, was that person talking to me just now?” The person wearing the earbuds in this situation is Beyonce, of course. Obviously they're diamond-encrusted.

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