Kim Kardashian Thinks Her Pregnancy Style Has Improved, Her Outfits Beg To Differ

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Kim Kardashian Thinks Her Pregnancy Style Has Improved  Her Outfits Beg To Differ Kim Kardashian at New York Fashion Week September 2015 jpg

I always pegged Kim Kardashian as the type of lady who looks in the mirror at least 76,000 times a day, give or take a few thousand. But her choice of clothing these days really has me questioning that assumption. She doesn’t seem to have learned much from her previous pregnancy about dressing a baby bump, or just dressing in general. However, Kim herself would disagree with me.

Yesterday, on the same day she wore the above look (we’ll get to that in a minute), she shared her thoughts on pregnancy style on her new app. After explaining that her sister Kourtney’s maternity style didn’t work for her, she talked about the differences between this pregnancy and the last. Be prepared to facepalm almost as hard as you did that time she said South West would be a stupid name for her second baby:

“I also look back at my last pregnancy looks and sometimes I am mortified. I actually am a few pounds heavier this pregnancy than my last, yet somehow I look so different. Maybe it’s because you carry a boy differently than a girl, maybe it’s because I don’t have the swelling that I had last time when I had preeclampsia, OR maybe it’s because I am confident in my style and know what to expect.”

That’s right. She’s mortified by her last pregnancy looks. As in the ones she wore while she was pregnant with North. Not the ones she’s wearing right now. In other words, she thinks wearing a neck-to-navel cut-out with shower curtain grommets and criss-cross lacing is an improvement from her “grandmother’s couch” look at the Met Gala a couple of years ago. Like I said, are we sure she has a mirror? Or did Kanye get rid of them all for some impossible-to-comprehend reason?

It’s no surprise that Kim is being a bit stubborn about adjusting her style to suit her pregnant body, since she did the same thing last time. But the outfits she’s wearing would look terrible whether she was pregnant or not. I wouldn’t give a thumbs up to anybody wearing leather and velvet in 90 degree weather. I’d call them an ambulance. And those ridiculous over-the-knee boots with the useless toe opening need to be banned from the universe entirely. It defeats the whole purpose of the shoe, and I will never approve of them.

(Photo: Gilbert Carrasquillo/FilmMagic)