Kanye West Teaches Kim Kardashian To Appreciate Privacy All Over The Cover Of L’Officiel Hommes

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Dating Kanye West has been great for Kim Kardashian. In addition to making her over Henry Higgins style and forcing Anna Wintour to be not-mean to her, Kim's latest soulmate has taught her the value of privacy and boundaries. For evidence, look no further than this photo of Kim and Kanye enjoying a private moment together in the intimate confines of the cover of a major fashion magazine. How discrete!

Just look at those two crazy kids, enjoying their privacy for all it is worth. Personally, I find it touching that they liked their privacy so much they decided to share it with everyone who has access to a computer and/or walks by a newsstand. Maybe others will be inspired to do similarly private things!

Kim loves to talk about how much Kanye has taught her about privacy, but I think she might be selling herself short. After all, she shared an even private-er moment with us back in 2007 with the release of her sex tape. Since then, she's fallen off a little bit, but this cover shows she is right back in the saddle re: being as publically private as possible all the time.

What's that you say? That word does not mean what I think it means, and furthermore, you'd like to know who certified me to write words in English? I'll have you know that all records of my education have been sealed. Those records are a purely sexual matter, and shall remain between me and my institution of higher learning.

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Photo: L'Officiel Hommes