The Historic Kim Kardashian & Amber Rose Feud Has Been Ended With A Selfie

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The Historic Kim Kardashian   Amber Rose Feud Has Been Ended With a Selfie kim kardashian amber rose jpg

Today something happened that, frankly, I never thought I would see in my lifetime. Peace between Kim Kardashian and Amber Rose has finally come about. The two, who have been in each other crosshairs since Amber accused Kim of stealing Kanye West away, decided to bury the hatchet in the only way they probably know how – a selfie. Earlier today, Kim posted a snap from the historic meeting between the two on Instagram. She simply captioned it “Tea anyone?” Amber was a tad more playful and wrote “Swingers” with a frog and tea cup emoji. The meeting between the two clearly comes at an interesting time.

Unless you’ve just now woken up from a coma, you know the men in Kim and Amber’s life, Kanye West and Wiz Khalifa, aren’t on the best of terms. Ok, they actually make the families in Game of Thrones look like friendly neighbors playfully arguing over who gets the nicer chair at the barbecue. Kanye and Wiz’s war started last week when Kanye changed his album title to Waves and Wiz took offense to it, claiming Kanye was ripping off another artist. Kanye launched a full-scale Twitter attack that left no insult unhurled at Wiz (cool pants, people’s children, and creative processes were all thrown in the mix). After the incident, everyone and anyone chimed in, including Amber who made some sexual preferences of Kanye’s very well known (he denied them in what has to be the weirdest use of Twitter ever). After that, it seemed things would stay hostile between the two parties, but Kim and Amber clearly had other ideas.

While we’ll probably spend our lives wondering what exactly the two talked about at their get together, it is comforting to know things should be calmer between them now. And if Kim and Amber also took time to discuss a possible Simple Life spin-off where they travel the country in an RV taking odd jobs while also slowly becoming BFFs, that’d be great too.

(Photo: Instagram)