Kim Kardashian Wears $2000 Wig For Halloween, Americans Pretend To Be Shocked

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If you're anything like me, you scraped together your Halloween costume from discarded kitchen rags, recycled soda cans and forgotten dreams. But if you're anything like Kim Kardashian, you spent $2000 on the perfect wig for your Halloween costume. (You also used the release of your sex tape to rocket your entire family to fame.)

Yes, Kris Humphries' ex-wife hosted a Halloween party this Saturday in NYC and used it to debut her incredibly expensive mermaid costume. And no, she's not just any mermaid. She's the mermaid from the movie Splash, a movie made 10 years before Justin Bieber was even born. (That's just a fun fact to throw around today while you're trapped in your home by Hurricane Sandy or forced to read endless Hurricane Sandy references from bloggers trapped in their apartments.)

While there are no estimates yet on what the rest of the costume cost, I can only assume that it's somewhere in the 6-figure range. After all, once you start justifying $2000 on a Halloween wig, it only makes sense to spend $100,000 on a mermaid tail made out of a real mermaid.

Her boyfriend Kanye West appeared to be dressed as Nautical Kanye West (the 2nd most popular costume for children this year!). But news outlets tell me he's dressed as the captain from Splash and this is some kind of couple's costumes.

While the two galavanted about in their costumes, Americans turned this into a news story by acting shocked that Kim Kardashian — a woman who allegedly made millions off a faux-wedding last year — would spend $2000 on a Halloween wig. Why that money could send Kylie Jenner to the mall for at least an hour!

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