Kids’ TV Shows That Really Need A Grown Up Reboot

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It's undeniable that life's moved on for the generation of kids who watched shows like Rugrats, Zoey 101, and Hey Arnold! We're actual grown-up adults now: we have jobs, go on dates, drive cars, and pay taxes. Childhood is far behind us, and our parents are starting to probe us about when our own little bundles of joy might be coming into the world. (STOP IT, MOM. THE DOG CAN BE YOUR GRANDKID, OKAY?)

So yeah. We're adults. We have mature, responsible lives (in theory). But have you ever considered what might have happened to your favorite kids' TV characters when they hit adulthood too? Would Angelica Pickles become the CEO she was clearly born to be? What happened to Zack and Cody after their Suite Life ended? Did Kim Possible and Ron Stoppable end up together forever? Well, there's only one way to find out: REBOOT! TV networks seem to love trawling through their old shows and rebooting them for old times' sake (Will and Grace, Gilmore Girls, we're looking at you here). Why shouldn't Nickelodeon and the Disney Channel do the same? Here are some shows of our childhood that we definitely think deserve a grown-up reboot.