17 TV Shows Aimed at Kids That Even Adults Will Love

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Cartoon Network

Most TV shows aimed at kids are hokey, cliché, and horrendously unfunny. But those shows aren't for us, and kids love them. Not every kids' show follows that same formula, though. Some showrunners realize, wait Рparents, aunts and uncles, babysitters, and caregivers will be watching this too! Sometimes they sneak in a naughty joke or put in a mature plot line to keep us interested. Other times, they're adapting something from a twentysomething's youth and drawing us in with all those nostalgic feels. No matter what it is sometimes we prefer kids' shows over shows for adults!

When we say “kids shows” we mean a show aimed at kids 13 and below. But still above infant/toddler ages, because sorry, but Paw Patrol will never be our jam. Every adult has that little part of them that will never grow up — it's why we love Disney movies so much! So it makes sense we'd love some children shows just as much.