Khloe Kardashian Shares Topless Video On Vine, Gets One Daughter Closer To Being Kris Jenner’s Favorite (NSFW)

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Khloe Kardashian Elton John AIDS Foundation Academy Awards Party March 3 2014 West Hollywood California

Khloe Kardashian has officially abandoned the Keek ship in favor of joining Vine. And, not one to be overshadowed by others who've ventured into the topless selfie game, she christened it by having someone lotion her boobies while another someone filmed. I'm not exactly sure why there is a person whose job it is to lotion her body for her or why they figured that was the most Vine-able moment ever. But the one thing that I feel strongly about is that there is a Kris Jenner in some corner of the Earth crying her very happiest of tears.

Can you even imagine how many overpriced throw pillows Kris has shouted excitedly into since this Vine was uploaded? You know she is just walking on sunshine right now. All she ever asks is that her kids do absolutely whatever it takes to stay famous and now Khloe is finally showing true commitment to the cause.

I just can't believe we've finally arrived at this moment in time. The days of Kris' casual admittance that she likes Kim waaaay more than the rest of her daughters are no longer. And do you think that there will be any more uncomfortable jokes to tell about how strained her relationship is with Khloe? Yeah, OKAY. Any daughter of hers who is willing to go topless in public is a daughter who deserves to be the Favorite Child of the Week. And any Rob of hers who's willing to dangerously drop several dozen pounds in a matter of months deserves a firm handshake or something. And this week is your week, Khloe so congrats. You're already everyone's favorite Kardashian and now you've got about 72 hours to enjoy being Kris Jenner's. So use your time wisely. As in, you'd better get good at uploading awkward-but-still-attention-seeking Vines or risk a fall from Kris' graces.

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