If This Rumor About The Odom-Kardashian Divorce Is True, We’re Really Glad They’re Ending It

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Pop quiz time! So your marriage is seriously crumbling. Do you:

a.) Go to marriage counseling

b.) Get a divorce, or

c.) Bring a baby into your unhappy home, hoping this small, vulnerable person who is not yet able to speak will fix all your problems?

If you're Khloe Kardashian‘s husband Lamar Odom, the answer is apparently c.), which, if it's true, is I why I'm happy they're getting divorced instead, even though I do not wish them ill.

According to the latest issue of Star Magazine, Lamar is about to divorce Khloe because she can't bear his seed. “The only thing Lamar has been sticking around for was a child,” a source told the tabloid. “But since Khloe hasn’t been able to get pregnant, he doesn’t see any point in staying in the marriage. He’s done.” Because the only thing better than a messed up marriage without kids is a messed up marriage with kids!

I'm no marriage expert or anything, but I'm pretty sure it's a good idea to work out your relationship problems before you bring a child into the mix. As a child of divorce myself, I can say that having two houses is not as much fun for a kid as some people might have you to believe. Sure, both parents compete with each other to buy your love, but it also gives you the inexplicable urge to do a ton of drugs and show your boobs on the Internet. Or so I've heard.

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