Khloe Kardashian Explains How The X Factor Nipple-Gate Happened, Makes Little To No Sense

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Earlier this week we got the wonderful opportunity to see Khloe Kardashian and her nipples host The X Factor. While we thouroughly enjoyed meeting the three of them, Khloe's now saying that their delightful cameo didn't just surprise viewers, but it also surprised her. In fact, when she went on the stage, she had no idea that her areolas followed her out there. But like Miley Cyrus, her overly ambitious areolas cannot be tamed.

According to Zap2it,  Khloe met with reporters after the show and explained what happened. Prepare for it all to make sense.

“I thought it looked really good!” Kardashian explained about the surprisingly sheer top that got social media buzzing as soon as she made her “X Factor” hosting debut. “With the hurricane, all the stuff I wanted to wear was stuck on the east coast. We did not have time to do a full dress rehearsal in our clothes.”

You see, Khloe keeps all her bras and corsets and nipple bandaids on the east coast. Every morning she wakes up in California, flies to New York, picks out her nipple-covers-of-the-day and the flies back to the west coast to finish getting dressed. I know it sounds simple, but just think about what happens on the days when she decides that her shirt would look better with a strapless bra. Yep, back on the plane she goes.

So when Wednesday rolled around and Khloe realized that Hurricane Sandy rudely prevented her from doing her typical morning routine,  she did the best that she could. She picked out a sheer shirt, or a shirt that she says is “lined with nude lining, it's not just like a sheer top. I had no idea, with my dressing room lights you didn't see a thing. We were rushed and went on stage.”

And next thing you know Khloe Kardashian's right nipple's upstaging Mario Lopez. Rather than googling photos of Khloe Kardashian's nipples, we can all learn a valuable lesson from this mistake. And that lesson is that you should never keep your bras on the other coast.

(Photo: X Factor USA)