All Signs Are Pointing Toward Khloe Kardashian Divorcing Lamar Odom

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If someone from E! showed up at my door, put a gun to my head and said, “pick one Kardashian to live with for the rest of your life,” I would obviously pick Khloe Kardashian. In a family of famewhores, botoxed stepdads and sex tapes, she definitely comes off as the most well-adjusted.

That's why I was sad to read this blind item a few weeks ago that alluded to the fact she wanted to divorce Lamar Odom. I thought she would be the one Kardashian sister to have a real marriage. I comforted myself with the fact that it was just a blind item, who even knew if it was true.

This couple has supposedly been happily married for over a year. When they got married, they were both at their peak, and they played the part of the celebrity couple to the hilt.

My, how things have changed! He has fallen on hard times, and she is not handling it well. She married him because he was famous and successful and a winner and she wanted to have his children. In her eyes, he is no longer holding up his end on any of these things. So, she is already setting him up for The Big D (Divorce). Not that she will get her hands dirty. She is letting her friends and her publicist feed negative items about him to the tabloids and the blogs and the mainstream press… so that she can bounce out of the swirl of ugliness with a bundle of money and her reputation intact.

But then small things began to happen and I couldn't deny what I already knew. First, Khloe and Lamar canceled their reality show, Khloe and Lamar because Lamar supposedly wants to focus more on his iffy basketball career. Okay, I can buy that, I guess. Even though this quote from Hollywood Life makes it sound like Lamar made Khloe choose between him and her mother, Kris Jenner — which lines up with the blind item saying that negative rumors would start leaking out about Lamar.

Khloe pretty much had to choose her marriage over reality TV, so I am glad she made the right decision — even though Kris was not supportive of it.

Then, that same day, Khloe started talking to E! about doing her own show. Maybe she just wants to keep the spotlight on her, she is a Kardashian after all. Or maybe E! knows that a break-up is coming and they want to lock her in for all the drama. According to TMZ, “E! sources say Khloe is a ‘huge draw,' and as one source put it, ‘We're definitely in the Khloe Kardashian business.”‘

And now Khloe's on the cover of People with the headline, “Fighting for my Marriage.” This makes her look like she's trying, while also preparing us for the fact it might not work out. She told them, “I like to think divorce is not an option.”

“Like to think,” are the key words you should focus on. She's starting to plant all the seeds that a divorce is coming — and it's not her fault. No one should feel pressured to stay in a bad marriage. But also no one should get a divorce for the sake of their reality TV show plans. I hope Khloe makes the right decision for her and not for the Kardashian brand.