As Usual, Kris Jenner Steals The Spotlight From Her Daughter Khloe Kardashian

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Rob Kardashian is visiting! He's so excited to be in Dallas because everything is bigger, specifically hair and boobs. What a gentleman.

Just like the episode when Kim visited, Khloe talks about how lonely she is and how seeing a relative will keep her busy while Lamar is at practice. Being a basketball wife seems lonely, even when you're a Kardashian. ESPECIALLY when Rob is spending more time with Lamar. He tried to touch Lamar's “package” in the beginning of the episode, and he admitted to having wet dreams about Lamar. La-Rob is such a cute couple.

It seems that the whole point of Rob's visit is for Khloe and Lamar to convince him to move in with them again. However, Rob is 25 and feels like he wants to earn everything in his life. That's exactly what comes to mind when I think of the Kardashians: hard-working people who earn every dollar they have.

Oh god, we've been tricked. This isn't just a Rob episode. Kris Jenner comes to visit too because she wants to get in tight with Mark Cuban, who is the owner of the Mavericks. TRICKED AGAIN, Kris takes Khloe on a surprise car ride and she ends up at the airport where KIM AND KOURTNEY ARE GETTING OFF A PLANE. They ALL go to a basketball game, and they are in a fabulous box, which Khloe doesn't realize is Mark Cuban's.

When Khloe finds out, she's furious that her mom got VIP treatment from the Mavericks. I'm furious Kris is even in this episode at all.

On the way to a family dinner, all the women ride and one car, and Lamar and Rob are in another. Lamar tries again to convince Rob to move to Dallas, and it seems like Rob is beginning to consider it. However, after dinner everyone goes back to L.A., including Rob. He just wants to be independent, Khloe!

FINAL TRICK! Rob shows up at Khloe and Lamar's door because he wants to stay to make Khloe and Lamar happy. Stay dependent, Rob!