E! Is Really Playing Up Lamar Odom’s Basketball Drama In Khloe And Lamar

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This feels so staged, guys. Lamar Odom is finally getting along with his team. He's going to team bonding dinners, and the team is realizing he is good, but guess what? In a few days he's got a game against the Lakers. Now I know the basketball schedule isn't staged, but the stuff happening in Lamar's life MAY be. It's just too convenient.

This whole episode is about how much Khloe and Lamar miss home. They are forced to go to L.A. for the Lakers game, and they stay in their old house. All they can think about is how much they miss L.A. and being around their family. So how do they cure that? Khloe visits basically every member of the Kardashian family, who all ask her how much Dallas sucks.

Of course before the game starts, the announcer has to mention it's Lamar's first game in L.A. since the trade. Just pile on the pressure, everyone. Kris Jenner goes up to Lamar before the game starts and tells him she's been praying for him, and she's more emotional about this game than he is. Really?

Lamar says that right before the Mavericks put him in the game he got really nervous. His stomach was rumbling, and then once they put him in, he gets a standing ovation from the entire crowd. He still has respect from the fans, and he feels loved. There's even a video of him that's played during the game welcoming him back and showing highlights from his Laker career. I'm not going to lie, it made me a little emotional.

The Lakers won by 3.

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