Khloe and Lamar Memorable Quotes: They Still Aren’t Pregnant

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In real life, Lamar Odom basically got dropped from the Dallas Mavericks this past week. On this episode of Khloe and Lamar, we are seeing some of Lamar's first days as a Maverick (and he isn't too good).

The episode starts with Khloe calling Lamar's grandma, and Mrs. Odom asks what every grandma asks their grandchild's girlfriend:

Lamar's grandma: “So when are y'all going to give me a grand-baby? 

Awkward. Why does everyone start putting pressure on couples to have a baby once the couple gets married? Let them enjoy their time as a couple without spit up covering all of their clothes!

Khloe takes Lamar to lunch and tells him about the grandma convo. Their lunch is weird and silent. Khloe tries to talk to Lamar about a bad game he had, and he doesn't want to talk about it.

Lamar: “Not playing well, it turns me into a different person.”

Yeah, it turns you into someone who gets dropped from a team.

Oh god, guys. Kim is in town, and Khloe is wearing glasses. Finally, Khloe has someone to vent to, so she tells Kim all about Lamar's troubles on the court. They also talk about how some reporters said they saw Khloe leaving a fertility clinic, which Khloe says is totally false.

We get to see another one of Lamar's games, and he spends most of it on the bench. Afterward he is upset, and then reporters bombard him with questions about the Lakers. What tact!

Lamar: “I have criticism coming at me from all angles. It really hits me hard.”

During a Khloe and Kim shopping trip, Khloe vents even more about Lamar because he's being so emotional.

Khloe: “Lamar, I don't think realizes what's really bothering him.”

Later that night, Khloe reads Kim a bunch of letters she got when she moved to Dallas. Many of them are about babies. There's one from a post-menopausal woman who tells Khloe that adopting is a bad idea and to just let her be a surrogate. No thanks.

At a dinner, Kim thinks SHE can solve all of Lamar's problems and starts asking him questions about Dallas, and then he opens up. I find it weird that he will answer Kim's questions about his problems, but not Khloe's questions. Then Lamar said he was jealous when he learned Kourtney was pregnant again.

Lamar: “Damn, they get to have another baby, I don't.”

Kim and Khloe decide to be tourists and go to the Dallas aquarium. Then Kim starts asking Khloe about in vitro. JEEZ. Leave Khloe alone.

Khloe: “It really frustrates me that you, mom, Kourtney, everyone has their two cents.”

She's frustrated because she thought Kim being in Dallas would lighten the mood, but it's just irritating her. Kim would irritate me too. So Khloe calls Kourtney, the more rational sister.

Kourtney “I just think you need to not stress about it. It's just supposed to happen when it's supposed to happen, honey. 

Another Mavericks game! Khloe and Kim cheer Lamar on and have a serious convo about invitro. Also, Lamar plays well this time!

Lamar: “My sister-in-law, Kim, she might be right. I need to get myself together mentally. Put my chin up, poke my chest out. Everything will be all right.”