Khloe and Lamar Memorable Quotes: Bye Bye, Lakers

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After a week of no Khloe and Lamar, we finally get to the trade episode!

So, Lamar's working out! The lockout is over, so he works out by boxing (because it's the same as basketball). When Lamar is home, he gets a phone call, and he's told that while there's no talk right now, people are probably going to get traded. I wonder who it's going to be.

Lamar: “I am just a little confused when I hear my name in trade talk, I had a great year last year. But you never know.”

Ever since we heard Lamar got traded, I swore E! had something to do with it. Total ratings.

Lamar has to break the news to Khloe while she's playing pool (a lot of sports in this eppy) with Malika. So I guess the best way to tell her he may get traded is by lying and saying he's already been traded to Miami.

Khloe: “Say Bible.”
Lamar: “Beeble.”

Khloe's worried about how fast she would have to move if Lamar got traded. She's not happy when he tells her you basically have to leave the day after you get traded. She's got to be in NYC tomorrow, but feels bad leaving Lamar at such a vulnerable time (even though nothing has happened yet trade-wise).

Khloe: “Our world could turn upside down just like that.”

And what do you know? It does! When Khloe's on the plane, Lamar gets traded. Then there's a bunch of basketball talk that I don't understand. After Khloe gets off the plane, she turns on the radio in her car and hears Lamar talking about the trade to New Orleans and about how L.A. is where his family is.

Khloe: “It's now sinking in that Lamar is not going to be a Laker anymore, and it's sad.”

JUST KIDDING. The trade has been cancelled, and Lamar is a Laker again. The deal was off, and then there is more basketball talk. I think E! should have thought about the fact that Kardashian fans don't know basketball, and this episode is quite confusing. I'm glad Khloe is just as confused as I am.

Jamie runs to Lamar's aid because Lamar is sad and BFF Jamie is worried. Khloe is worried about Lamar too and wants someone to go check on him. No one will answer their phone except Lamar's agent, and Khloe tells him that Lamar is not happy.

Agent: “Lamar's gotta just deal with it though. I told him this: You're 32, you've been in the league, you know about the trades.”

WELL somebody's not sympathetic. The agent tells Khloe that Lamar is going to still get traded somewhere anyway. Lamar wants to know what his options are, and while he's enjoyed the “Laker life”, if it's time to move on, it's time to move on.

Once Khloe gets back, Lamar immediately calls her and tells her he's traded to Dallas and he has to leave in the morning.

Khloe: “I'm home, and we're going to Dallas, baby!”

I love how she's willing to go anywhere with him, and Kim vomited at the mention of Minnesota when she was “married” to Kris.

Khloe's staying behind in L.A. for a few days to pack up their things so they aren't in Dallas with nothing. Malika is crying because since Khloe will be in Dallas, Malika won't be on the show anymore will miss her BFF.

Khloe: “It's pretty hard packing up our belongings and leaving our home that we became newlyweds in and moving to a place that I've never been. But Lamar is my number one priority so I've got to just stay strong, and fake it till we make it.”