KFed Big Spender Attitude May Cost Him

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Last month Kevin was awarded $500,000 for paying his legal fees in the child custody battle. The payer, none other but Britney herself. However, today we learn that Kevin may have not been broke after all and could have possibly afford paying the bills on his own.

According to new documents filed at the court by Britney's new attorney, Stacy Phillips, Kevin “understated his income by at least $200,000.” Kevin also buried all sorts of personal expenses and pretended to have had $800,000 worth of business expenses.

The documents state that while Kevin's only grossed $544,074.73 in 2007, his expenses totaled $841,128.67. In addition, Philips added that Kevin paid “extraordinarily high tips for food and beverage services [e.g., $1,100.76 tip on $2,782 bill; $200 tip on $371.29 bill; and $2,000 tip on $365 bill].

Vegas Vacation:
According to legal docs, in a recent eight-month period, Kevin blew $50,489.71 on hotel rooms in Las Vegas.

In one day alone, K-Fed dropped $2,632.50 at TAO Beach (the pool club at The Venetian). And on one wild evening, he spent $2,862.60 at TAO nightclub. One day at the Hard Rock Beach Club — $3,008.33

The cream of the crop was the Scores strip club, where Kevin once spent $365, but left a $2,000 tip.