Kevin Jonas Holds The New Baby™, Even He Doesn’t Seem Convinced She’s Really His

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You know that thing where you sell the rights to your baby to a laundry detergent company that barely exists, and then they only let you publish one photo a day of her and today is the day that you get to be in one?!?!

Well today is that day for Kevin Jonas, who, along with brand new (supposed) daughter Alena Rose, posed for Dreft's sixth Instagram photo ever. Just to give some reference, the first was a photo of a jug of detergent, the second was a stock photo of a positive pregnancy test, the third and fourth were quaint little graphics telling the #jonasbaby how excited we were for it to arrive, and the fifth was the now-notorious photo of Danielle Jonas, perfectly made-up and not at all sweaty after a day of pushing a small human out of her vagina, gazing adoringly at an infant who had seemingly already been outside the womb for a good week.

And now Kevin joins that hallowed group, showing up in a photo with little Alena bundled up in a more recognizable blanket this time (possibly after all the suspicion thrown their way after the blanket in Danielle's photo was nothing like the blanket they give out at every hospital across the country?), staring at her…well actually pretty bewilderedly, now that I think about it. Like somebody dropped her into his arms as he repeatedly shouted, “No no no no no no please anything but this!” Someone should tell Kevin he's supposed to be pretending he helped make that adorable little creature, because he's looking at her like she might spontaneously combust.

Especially with that little Dreft ribbon marking their territory up in the top right corner, it looks like a poster for the film He Wasn't Ready And He Still Isn't starring Kevin Jonas in every role. I probably wouldn't pay money to see that, but it seems like Dreft did, so luckily we don't have to.