Kevin Jonas Remembers He Is Married, Showers Wife With Romantic Money

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jonas sandy food drive 2 141212Kevin Jonas is totes the best husband ever, peeps. Not only did he remember the day that he got married and celebrate it with his wife Danielle, but he also showered her with expensive life experiences to herald the day and prove that he is in fact married to her.

Isn't it so romantic that he remembered? Especially because it's been a full three years since that special day when they first started to pretend to be a couple. He is the best husband ever. On December 19th, Kevin and Danielle booked the Presidential Suite of the Gansevoort Park Hotel in Manhattan, and indulged in decadent couples' massages and gentle chaste kisses. And you guys, you can tell that they're so obviously in love because that suite costs $7,000 a night. Now that's love you can taste.

Speaking of tastes, the couple also ate bites at Asellina, and then absorbed the Broadway play Chaplin. Worth noting that they didn't think it was worth it to spend money on a time machine to go back and watch Kevin's brother Nick in How To Succeed In Business Without Really Trying. Not a big deal, just some people value family more than others. According to a source who saw these lovebeans out and about on their anniversary, they were ‘all smiles' when they cheers-ed to their marriage with prosecco, and chatted quietly throughout the evening. Aw man. The lust of newlyweds, am I right?

Oh and before you guys accuse me of being a bitter Betty, you should know that that's not the case. In fact, I'm happily married to the other two Jonas brothers (Nick and Joe, obv, not the totes gross un-famous one, duh), and two is more than one, so I'm sitting pretty. We're all celebrating our anniversary tonight with Triskets and blueberry-picking and quiet laughter on the bow of a boat.

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