I Feel Like Kevin Jonas And His Wife Are Trying To Be The New Jersey Kardashians On Married To Jonas

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The first promos for Kevin Jonas‘ attempt to stay relevant — i.e., his E! reality show Married to Jonas — are out, and it certainly does emulate The Real Housewives of New Jersey in terms of tone and, you know, this being a boisterous Italian family from Jersey. But while watching the sneak peek of season 1, I was struck by similarities to another family-centric program: Keeping Up with the Kardashians.

There's not much of a premise to this show beyond the fact that Kevin and his wife Danielle are adjusting to their third year of marriage and the demands of his music career. Although the title makes it sound like Danielle has to give up a lot to marry into the Jonas franchise, judging from the preview it's the opposite: Kevin is the outsider welcomed into the Deleasa clan. Which makes it even weirder when he and his brothers attempt shenanigans like setting up video cameras in the backyard and then chortling at the security tapes of Danielle's dad doing yard work shirtless. (Not that scandalous, but OK…)

That's the kind of self-obsessed behavior we're used to Kim, Kourtney, and Khloe engineering. Not to mention the added layer of the JoBros' fame. Sure, Caroline Manzo and other RHONJ cast members have become celebrities because of the show, but the reason that Ryan Seacrest (who's also the mastermind behind this) pitched Keeping Up… to E! was because Kim was already a household name thanks to her sex tape. You can tell that Danielle is aware of the pros and cons of her situation, from Fashion Week (woo) to Christmas in Prussia (boo); moreso than the in-law intrigue, those are going to be the major plot points of the season.

But with such a large cast, it swings back into RHONJ territory. Everyone on Keeping Up… has a shtick, and here it's just a huge, jumbled clan who all seem to exist solely to bust Kevin's balls. I probably wouldn't watch, because there's not enough specificity or promise of surprise reality stars to hook me. Would you?