As If We Needed Another Sign Kevin Jonas Is The Antichrist, He Ruins A Fan’s Life

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Just when you think Kevin Jonas can't get any more offensive, he pulls a stunt so atrocious that I'm willing to bet he gets stripped of the last name Jonas before sunset. Seriously, I'm so appalled I'm tempted to slap an NSFPWH tag on this post. Because honestly, this story is not safe for people with hearts. #Disgusting.

Now that you're adequately prepared (well as adequately prepared as you can ever be for this kind of story), I'll fill you in on the details.

Recently Kevin Jonas went to dinner at Katsuya in California with his wife Danielle Jonas and his brothers Nick Jonas and Joe Jonas. Photos show that Joe's new girlfriend Blanda Eggenschwiler attended too.

It gets worse.

After dinner he left the restaurant. Now this is where I need you to brace yourself. Despite seeing a fan so excited to see him that she started crying, he got into his car and drove away. (Drove away being a euphemism for hopped into the backseat of a chauffeured vehicle.)

Someone posted below the video on Youtube and says that what we're seeing isn't exactly the whole story.

I'm her little sister! She was crying because she was happy! The camera people just thought she was sad she didn't get a photo! She emailed them to change the story! There's no reason to hate on Kevin or my sister! She knew they were in a hurry! She's a passionate fan who really doesn't care what any of you guys think. She's not a “psyho” you idiots.

As cute as it is that she tries to defend Kevin, I don't buy it.

Maybe if he hadn't already disgraced our screens earlier this year with his blasphemous Married to Jonas “reality” show, I'd believe that he didn't really pull this stunt on a harmless fan. But now I know too much.

How will this girl ever sleep at night knowing that her biggest idol won't take time out of his night to roll down his window and say hi.

Sometimes I don't think he realizes that he's just Kevin Jonas. While this is the kind of behavior I'd expect from his brothers or Jesse Katsopolis of Jesse and the Rippers, I don't really think Kev has enough clout to pull it off. If I were his publicist (and god knows how many times I applied), I'd tell him to say hi to each and every one of his fans. It doesn't matter if it will take all night, it's worth it. He'll certainly need them all when he goes on his inevitable reunion tour in ten or so years.

(Photo: Greg Tidwell, PacificCoastNews.com)