Kevin Hart, Saturday Night Live, and Pope Quvenzhane Wallis? Yes Please

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SNL Kevin Hart

I had high hopes for Kevin Hart hosting Saturday Night Live last night, and for the most part he didn't disappoint.  Christoph Waltz had the best show of the season so far in my opinion, and that's a tough act to follow.  Justin Timberlake hosts next week, so Kevin Hart had a nice hosting spot sandwiched between the two.

I expected jibes about Kevin's stature, and sketches that tackled racism.  Some things were predictable, but mostly everything good.  You know what I didn't expect?  Kevin Hart to come out dressed as Quvenzhane Wallis.  It was brilliant, it didn't insult her as much as The Onion did earlier this week, and it was actually funny to boot.

Here are my 5 favorite moments from last night's SNL!

1.) Cold Open
In case you're sick of hearing about this “sequester” business but still aren't sure what it is or who it will effect, President Obama explains it to us.  With a little help from The Village People.

2.) Kevin Hart Monologue
Similar to when Louis C.K. hosted, SNL just let Kevin Hart do what he does best: telling stories and stand-up comedy.  Long story short — best Robert DeNiro impression I've seen in a long time.

3.) New Pope
Nailed it.  I love it when SNL is relevant and timely without going overboard.  Watching Kevin Hart ride Taran Killam like a horse was a great touch.

4.) Barnes and Noble Firing
Cecily Strong and Bobby Moynahan return as the shit-talking duo who think they're being fired and go out with a bang.  This one wasn't the funniest sketch I've ever seen, but the timing and dedication that Strong and Moynahan demonstrate gives this a spot on this list.  Also?  Kevin Hart cracks up at the end and I love it when anyone on SNL breaks and loses it, because it reminds me how much I miss Jimmy Fallon.

5.) Weekend Update: REALLY?! With Seth and Kevin
I love anything that makes fun of the south, conservatives, and ignorant voters.  I also love Seth Meyers.  So this was a quadruple win for me personally.  “The Constitution used to consider me 3/5 of a person.  Now I'm short, but I'm not that short!”


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