Kevin Costner Has Gone Country

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I really thought this was a joke but it's not! Academy-award winning actor Kevin Costner is the next celeb to make the move to country music. He and his band, Modern West, will be releasing their first country album, “Untold Truths,” on November 11 with a concert tour following not long after!

The band have actually been together for 20 years but never played together consistently, though Kevin has said he always wanted to. At a performance in 2005, he says “I remember looking out into the crowd, thinking ‘this just feels right'.”

The album has 12 original tracks all written or co-written by Costner & Modern West, which is comprised of John Coinman, Blair Forward, Teddy Morgan, Larry Cobb and Park Chisolm.

Tracks on the album are:

1. Long Hot Night
2. 90 Miles An Hour
3. Hey Man What About You?
4. Superman 14
5. Don't Lock'em Away
6. Down in Nogales
7. Every Intention
8. 5 Minutes From America
9. The Sun Will Rise Again
10. Backyard
11. Leland Iowa
12. Gotta Get Away

[image used with permission from newscom.com]