Ke$ha’s New Song ‘Woo Hoo’ Will Be The Summer Song You Secretly Love

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In exciting summer song news, we get the awesome opportunity this morning to hear a longer leak from the upcoming Ke$ha song “Woo Hoo.” The leak kicks off with a cla$$ic Ke$ha line, “I live my life like I was raised by wolves,” and it only gets better from there. It sounds like all her other songs mashed up into one and it definitely grates on my brain within the first 3 seconds.  But it's already stuck in my head and I already have this weird urge to listen to it again.

And that's why I already know it's going to be the summer song you secretely love. The one you hate in public and blast in your car with the windows down and the wind blowing in your hair. While at first you'll try to resist liking it, you'll end up naming your summer Facebook album “Raised by Wolves” and quoting it all the way through labor day.

Congrat$ Ke$ha, you did it again. You made another song that we hate to love. How do you do it and how do you do it looking like you just returned from dumpster diving at an old paintball factory?

And that's what I love so much about Ke$ha. She gives amazing hope to every mediocre singer out there who loves to write lyrics as much as she loves to braid tin foil into her hair. Her success says that anything can happen if you throw random symbols into your name, live-tweet peeing on the street and sing about getting trashed.

She's the American dream. Forgot the political candidates and forget the story about the guy who pulled himself up from the bootstraps and went on to become the CEO of the biggest company in the world.

Ke$ha made her dreams come true, against every single odd. So turn up your speakers and start blasting the “Woo Hoo” leak today. If you're going to be “stuck” listening to it all summer, you might as well start now.