Here Is A Disgusting Preview Clip From Ke$ha’s New MTV Reality Show My Crazy Beautiful Life

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Ke$ha: My Crazy Beautiful Life
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Do not click here if you do not want to see our most honest celebrity baby birding a cannoli into various men's mouths.

Oh hello there. I guess you do want to see Ke$ha baby birding a cannoli into various men's mouths. Well all righty, then!

Ke$ha's new MTV reality show My Crazy Beautiful Life doesn't premiere until April 23 (oh the humanity!) but they've released a charming preview clip to drum up anticipation in the meantime. In said clip, we see Ke$ha surrounded by her harem of hip young scumbags (some with beards, others without) as she celebrates her birthday. One member of the harem presents her with a cannoli, saying, “We've had a great 16 months together, and now I'm gonna give you this wonderful penis made out of sugar and sweetness. Now baby bird it into his mouth.” And she does!

For those not in the know, “baby birding” refers to the process of spitting food into another person's mouth, as a mama bird would her babies. But what you might not know is that Ke$ha actually adds a fortifying blend of nutrients from a specialized gland in her throat as she masticates, so that the members of her man-harem are healthy enough to stand up to the rigorous physical demands she makes of them.

What adventures will Ke$ha and her man-harem take on next? I seriously cannot wait to find out.

(Via Ok Magazine)