The Secret Meaning Behind Ke$ha’s Mysterious New Lip Tattoo

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The trashier Ke$ha gets, the more I want to be her best friend. It's a weird feeling, but I can't deny it any longer. With every new twitpic, I just fall more in love with her. Unlike other celebrities who care about their public image and their general reputation, Ke$ha doesn't give a fuck. I think she'd have no problem popping a squat and taking a piss during a business meeting to discuss her new album. But that's only based on the fact that we've already witnessed her unabashed street peeing earlier this year.

Today she revealed via twitpic that she got a new tattoo on her inner lip that says suck it. She didn't go for any bold fonts or wacky scripts. Just your basic “suck it” in all caps. It's what you'd find written on a restroom wall or on the top of a 6th grader's desk. It's simple and sweet and so devoid of any meaning.

“But Jenni,” I hear you muttering to your computer screen, “you said there's a secret meaning behind this tattoo.”

Well, that's the big secret. There's no significance to this tattoo. She just got it because she felt like it.

And I think that's just fabulous.

Now, instead of being forced to say “suck it” to someone she doesn't like or disagrees with, she can just pull down her lip. Because, really, who wants to take the effort to say suck it to someone these days. This gets the message across so much more easily, without wasting any breath.

So bravo Ke$ha for continuing to make bold decisions that we all admire. May you never stop and think about your choices. And may we all aspire to live life as carefreely as you do.  Because if we don't, if we keep living our lives worrying about what other people think, we might as well be sucking it.