Ke$ha Enters Rehab For An Eating Disorder, Hopefully Gets The Help She Needs

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Kesha Jimmy Kimmel Live 2013

Every now and then, we're reminded that celebrities are still actual humans at the end of the day, and no matter how perfect and luxurious their lives seem to us mere mortals, they're still apt to struggle just like anyone else.

Ke$ha has reportedly entered rehab to seek treatment for an eating disorder, and she released the following statement to TMZ:

“I'm a crusader for being yourself and loving yourself, but I've found it hard to practice.  I'll be unavailable for the next 30 days, seeking treatment for my eating disorder … to learn to love myself again, exactly as I am.”

Well color me a crusader for the self-awareness and ownership Ke$ha is showing here. I mean of course I wouldn't wish these types of struggles on anyone, but it's always great to see a positive attitude when entering rehab is concerned.  Methinks Chris Brown could learn a thing or two.

Ke$ha is reportedly staying at the same rehab Demi Lovato went to for help with her own issues.  If she comes out of this experience a fraction as strong and wise as Demi has, I think she'll be A-okay.

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