Kesha Broke Into Prince’s House And Her Story Is Exactly As Insane As It Sounds

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Kesha Out Of Control

Hey, hi, hello there! I just wanted to let you know that, once upon a time, Kesha broke into Prince's house (!!!). I figured that you'd cherish that little nugget of information like your very own offspring, as I've grown to do. Because it is weird as hell and no one can tell me otherwise, alright? The “Well, actuallyyy” people may try, because they're always lurking for their opportunity to say those words. But, unless you've got a story about a stranger walking in on Justin Timberlake making salsa in their bathtub or Beyonce starring in Fifty Shades of Grey, then I'm pretty sure that this is as weird as it's going to get for a while.

Kesha, the artist formerly known as “Holy Hell, She Is Invading My Home, Isn't She?” popped onto The Tonight Show and chatted with Jimmy Fallon about her actually insane life. So basically, the usual. I'm fairly certain that she was there to promote her new reality show, Rising Star. But the moment got away from her, and suddenly she was talking about her grandpa being killed by reindeer and that one little time that she'd bribed Prince's gardener with five bucks to pretend he didn't see a young and possibly crazy person about to break an entering. It's berserk, y'all.

And I think (I think) that my most favoritest part of this entire anecdote —which, btw, I'm sure is concerning to every audience to whom she's ever told it— is that Prince was totally unfazed by this horrifying experience. It's tough to beat the fact that all of my suspicions that Prince uses his own songs as elevator music are true, but it really does. I'm assuming that Kesha was eventually escorted out, since she didn't end up moving in with all of her clothes, glitter, and glitter clothes. But the fact that no one at all in this story seemed even a little stunned is wilder than the time that Kesha dropped her dollar sign.

Just go on and watch for yourself, below.

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