So The New Ke$ha Video For ‘Crazy Kids’ Is Pretty Weird, Huh?

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Ke$ha in a still from her new video 'Crazy Kids' with will.i.amThis should surprise zero percent of you, but Ke$ha‘s new video for her single ‘Crazy Kids' is pretty effing weird. Yeah let me say that again, just to make sure you didn't miss any of it — this girl with the dollar sign in her name who's infamous for having sex with ghosts and drinking her own urine? Yeah, her new song, with the word ‘crazy' literally in the title? The video for it? It's weird. In case you weren't expecting that.

The song itself sounds like most Ke$ha music, so that's not the weird part; the main thing drawing my eye is the styling, which I feel comfortable referring to as ‘gangster Dora The Explorer‘. Ke$ha is dressed like Dora would be if she worked at a gas station at age sixteen and came back from a family vacation to Aruba with a full head of those ill-advised white girl cornrows. There's kind of a hint of Nicki Minaj to her outfit considering we're working with a bustier, a plaid shirt, a grill, Daisy Dukes and garters, but she's also got one of the Pan's Labyrinth eyes going on on her palm, so Ke$ha has officially thrown me off the scent.

The song also features will.i.am as a hologram astronaut who is boyfriend to a pair of bubble-blowing hooker lady twins who apparently don't mind that their loverman wears a full space suit to a house party on the planet of Earth. Also that it's a pretty empty house party (except for some out-of-shape middle-aged people playing with noodles in the pool) and it's the middle of the day. But maybe that's the cool thing now. I don't know because I don't have cornrows and none of my teeth are golden nuggets.