Relive Your Awkward Middle School Days With This Video Of 13-Year Old Ke$ha In A Talent Show

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Kesha American music awards 11.24.2013Back in 2000, Ke$ha was just a regular girl who performed in her middle school’s talent show. Only unlike most regular girls who performed in their middle school’s talent show, Ke$ha grew up, became famous for singing autotuned songs, and started talking publicly about ghost sex and her boobs playing piano. It’s because she became so weird that it’s strange to see Ke$ha calming singing ‘Karma Police’ and swaying along to her live accompaniment. Watching it is as awkward as looking back at your own middle school days but amplified by the fact that she’s now a known freak who posts tons of photos of her butt on Instagram.

In the video, Ke$ha is introduced and takes the stage with two boys, a guitarist and pianist, wearing a very 2000 outfit notably featuring boot cut jeans and platform flip flops. Also, she has on a glitter belt letting us know that Ke$ha’s current glitter obsession runs at least 13 years deep.

Ke$ha makes a silly little move right before she starts singing, but other than that she stands pretty much still. Uncomfortably still for someone we know will later move like this on stage:

Kesha t in the park scotland 7.13.2013

As for the singing, it’s really not bad. It still has a whiny quality to it, but it is way better than how you would expect Ke$ha to sound. And it’s awesome that she’s singing Radiohead. For one, because it’s so teenage angst, and for two, because this is Ke$ha. Ke$ha sings about brushing her teeth with a bottle of Jack, not loosing herself. At least not about metaphorically loosing herself. It wouldn't come as a surprise if Ke$ha ever claimed to literally have lost herself after a wild night out with her glitter roadie.

This whole thing is weird and amazing and awkward.  Ke$ha should cover ‘Karma Police' at all of her concerts. Maybe she can even find those two guys! Or better yet, she could just project this video on a giant screen before crashing through it to sing ‘We R Who We R.’

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