There’s No Way This Angry Letter From Ke$ha To Gaga Is Real Because That Would Mean Ke$ha Can Write

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So in strange news this morning, I came across this letter from Ke$ha to Lady Gaga on the Lady Gaga fan site Operation Gaga. In this letter she accuses Gaga of not only wearing fur made from cruelly slaughtered animals, but also for sending the wrong message to her fans. After all, Gaga represents the highest of high fashion and if she wears fur, her millions of little monsters will also think its okay to wear fur. If this was any other celebrity penning a self-righteous letter to another celebrity, I'd totally believe it.

But it's not any other celebrity.

It's Ke$ha, someone who prides herself on being a wild human being capable of doing everything from performing on tour to live-tweeting herself peeing on the street. She's an animal. Literally. Okay, not literally. But definitely half-literally. And that's why I love her. I love the fact that she's unpredictable, but still capable of creating pop hits. I love that I can picture her dancing on a stage as well as eating a giant turkey leg while only wearing glitter in an abandoned NYC construction site.

I wouldn't be surprised if she created a Grammy-winning hit this year. Or if medical reports came out that she has rabies.

I always picture her with food on her face and a sparkle in her eye. That's just Ke$ha for me. She's just the girl who made millions by teaching us the magic of brushing our teeth with a bottle of jack. No other celebrity is brave enough to stand up and say that — let alone sing it.

So if she really sat down and wrote that letter (on a computer!) then I don't think she's the Ke$Ha that I thought she was. I'd go as far as to say that that Ke$ha, the one who typed up a business letter to another celebrity, doesn't get to use the dollar sign in her name. That's a privilege for the semi-illiterate celebrities among us, not for the socially conscious.

Then again, this could be all be a sick joke on Ke$ha from Lady Gaga's fans. A way to make Ke$ha fans like myself question her integrity and her morals. And that's what I'm praying for right now. Because I don't think I can live in a world where a woman like Ke$ha owns a computer.

Take a look at the letter and judge for yourself. But I think I'm personally going to have to file this under “celebrity urban legend.”

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