The 25 Most WTF Moments From Ke$ha’s Instagram (NSFW)

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Kesha mirror Instagram photo 2013

There are few things more entertaining than a celebrity Instagram account, especially if it belongs to a celebrity who is particularly egotistical or strange. The less of a filter they have, the more fun it is to stalk their photos. We've already talked about the bizarre carnival of horrors that is James Franco's Instagram. Now let's look at another iconic celebrity weirdo and her virtual photo album, shall we? Ke$ha has created her own unique brand of WTF-ness and she's not afraid to share it with the world.

As of the time I'm writing this, Ke$ha has uploaded 494 photos and videos to her account, which bears the username iiswhoiis. Weird, I would have thought that had been taken already by Paula Deen. I guess since it wouldn't let her spell Kesha with a $ she had to resort to something entirely unrelated. I combed through all of Ke$ha's photos and videos so you didn't have to and chose the 25 most WTF entries for your viewing pleasure. They're all laid out below in backwards chronological order. Some of them are slightly NSFW, including the first one I'm about to show you.

This was captioned, “hiding from the ghosts.” She doesn't seem to be doing a very good job, unless ghosts are scared of butts. They're definitely not scared of vaginas.

This caption? “sorry about that time I molested u @stacykeibler.” You're barking up the wrong tree, Ke$ha. She likes them silvery and foxy.

RIP Ke$ha.

Wake up in the morning feeling like Hello Kitty.

She does like 'em beardy.

Just Ke$ha peering out of a bubble bath. Nothing to see here.

Giving Miley a run for her money in the “pornographic pumpkin” department.

Butt selfies are so in right now.

Caption: “glitter titts anyone??” Well I guess we have no choice.

Just “butt.” Simple and to the point.

Just brushing her teeth.

Penis lollipop from a fan. How sweet?

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