Ke$ha Confirms To Conan That She Did Have Ghost Sex, Which Was Unnecessary Because I Believed Her The First Time

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Earlier this fall Ke$ha told a radio show that she made love to a ghost. Naturally I believed her. Why would someone lie about having sex with a ghost. Especially an anonymous ghost. I suppose if she started name dropping Thomas Jefferson's ghost or Tupac's ghost, I'd be a little more skeptical. Like really, he came back to earth and chose to spend his valuable ghost time inside your vagina. Sure.

However not everyone took Ke$ha seriously. Which makes no sense to me. She has a dollar sign in her name. This legally makes her the most trustworthy celebrity in the entire world. Also she asked her fans to send her their teeth so she can sew them into a bra. Would a liar do that? Let me answer for you, no.

But for some wacky reason Conan O'Brien acted totally skeptical when he interviewed her during last night's show. Maybe it's because she led with a totally normal anecdote about breaking into Prince's house or maybe it's because she forgot to wear pants. Either way, I don't think he needed to be so disrespectful toward her.

It's not always easy to talk about supernatural sexual intercourse — and there wasn't any reason for him to make it more difficult.

The girl had sex with a ghost. It's really not that big of a deal.

(Photo: JGM, PacificCoastNews.com/Julie Do It All)