Of Course, Ke$ha Had Sex With A Ghost. It’s, Like, The Most Obvious Thing.

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Yesterday Ke$ha revealed that having sex with a ghost inspired her new songSupernatural” from her upcoming Warrior album. Naturally. I mean the song's called Supernatural. What did everything think? That it was about the time she had sexual relations with John Mayer?

Just look at the lyrics we know so far.

When you take my body to the stars I can feel it.

Boy this love is Supernatural.

Can you feel it?

C'mon people, it's so obviously about ghost sex that I want to throw my oujia board at the wall out of frustration that anyone even guessed otherwise. Tell me the last time a mere mortal man took your body to the stars.

That's what I thought.

While I personally have never experienced ghost sex or even ghost third base, I do feel a connection with the supernatural. You don't rewatch the seance scene from Now and Then every night for three years and not feel something.

And that's why I feel so close to Ke$ha. She gets the paranormal in a way that other pop singers just don't. Like, cool Adele, horrible break-ups inspire your music.

If you think setting fire to the rain is hard, imagine how Ke$ha felt when her ghostly lover admitted that ghosts physically can't cuddle after sex. Something about being see-through and made of nightmares prevents them from participating in any kind of proper spooning.

So remember all of this the next time Casper the Friendly-But-Slightly-Horny Ghost texts you at 2 a.m. Saying yes to his booty call could inspire you to write music as beautiful as Ke$ha's music.

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