Ke$ha’s Producer Apparently Called Her Fat — This Is Why Insult Rehab Should Be A Thing

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Ke ha s Producer Apparently Called Her Fat   This Is Why Insult Rehab Should Be A Thing Keha attending the American Music Awards November 2013 jpg

You know that eating disorder that Ke$ha is currently in treatment for? Well supposedly the singer herself is saying that it was triggered by comments made by her own producer, Dr. Luke, and I am officially disappointed in humanity.

And to think! This morning was going so well! I had a lovely tea and got my heart warmed by Ashton and Mila on the Lakers’ kiss cam — seemed like it was gonna be a great day! But all of that is crumbling away now that I’ve read the allegations that Dr. Luke called Ke$ha fat, and it apparently affected her so strongly that more than two years later, she’s entering treatment for an eating disorder. Isn’t that so charming? Aren’t you just so pleased with the world right now and the way that we treat each other. Sigh.

The two of them have been working together since Dr. Luke first signed Ke$ha at age eighteen, but things apparently started to go downhill between them in 2011, when she gained a little weight during her downtime after finishing her ‘Get Sleazy’ tour. According to TMZ, who spoke to a source ‘directly connected to Ke$ha’, her producer wouldn’t stop nagging her to lose the extra pounds, and it escalated to the point that during a video shoot in 2012, he told her she ‘looks like a fucking refrigerator’.

OH GREAT. Perfect. I was worried the world had run out of insulting nouns for women who aren’t stick skinny after that reporter used ‘hippo’ on Melissa McCarthy, but I’m glad to hear that ‘refrigerator’ is on the table as well. What a relief. What better way to increase the trust in a collaboration than by calling your artist a kitchen appliance. What an incredibly fair and biased decision that was, to insult the physical appearance of someone who has now spent eight years of her life making you money. Really classy.

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