Kerry Washington’s Mom Is Better At Sitting Through Sex Scenes Than Yours Is

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Kerry Washington s Mom Is Better at Sitting Through Sex Scenes Than Yours Is Kerry Washington Jimmy Kimmel February 2016 jpg

There’s quite possibly nothing more awkward than sitting through a sex scene with your parent(s). It’s such a universally uncomfortable experience that a site has even been created to let you know whether or not a movie is safe to watch with your mom and dad. One parent who apparently has no problem with sex scenes, however, is Kerry Washington’s mom. After revealing that she is likely stalking Nikolaj Coster-Waldau backstage at Jimmy Kimmel Live as she speaks, Kerry explains that her mom, “elegant, graceful intellectual” though she is, “will sit through a sex scene like nobody’s business.”

That includes the sex scenes on Game of Thrones, which is impressive considering I feel uncomfortable watching some of those scenes by myself with no other human being, let alone a parent, in sight or earshot. I’d rather have my right hand cut off (haaa) than sit through them with my family. Because there’s literally no way to react that doesn’t make it even more awkward than it already is. Keep silent thought the whole thing? You’re obviously just pretending it’s not a big deal. Make a joke? Way to use humor as a coping mechanism, like always. Ask serious questions about the plot? Could you be any more obvious?

Kerry’s mom is apparently so cool in these situations, however, that she sat through a scene starring Kerry herself, in a recent episode of Scandal, with Kerry sitting right there in the room with her, and it never even fazed her. As Kerry says, “I was like sweating and fidgeting, and my mother was like, ‘Good work. Very good work.'” Her mom should totally give some tips to Melanie Griffith. I guess we won’t be seeing Kerry and her mom getting into mall-dressing-room-caliber arguments on the red carpet any time soon.