Ellen Gives Kerry Washington’s Magazine Covers A Funnier Kind Of Photoshop Treatment

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Kerry Washington on Ellen November 2013

You may or may not have seen the new issue of Lucky magazine. Kerry Washington is on the cover, but if you didn't know it was her it might be pretty difficult to come to that conclusion on your own. She doesn't exactly look like herself. Rather, it looks like someone just learned how to Photoshop and wanted to test out as many techniques as possible. She's pretty much unrecognizable. Which is insane, because the recognizable version of Kerry Washington is beautiful and luminous and should require no retouching whatsoever.

I'm not sure whether Ellen DeGeneres knows about the Photoshop rumors, but nevertheless when Kerry stopped by her show for today's episode, the actress's many magazine covers became a topic of conversation. Ellen has a big stack of Kerry's recent covers to display, and Kerry, being her adorable self, giggles, “This is like my worst nightmare!” I'd probably say that too if a magazine gave me a completely new face. But back to the interview at hand.

Ellen shares a few extra covers that you may not have known Kerry appeared on. For magazines like Pantsuit Monthly and Kale Quarterly. Okay, so I hate to disappoint you, but those magazine covers are fake. I know, I know, I'm an evil shatterer of dreams. But Ellen clearly had one of her minions Photoshop Kerry onto a funny cover. However, it doesn't look like they tried to alter her natural beauty at all, so these covers automatically win. I'd much rather see Kerry's untouched loveliness on a silly cover than see her Photoshopped into an alien on a fashion magazine. Call me old-fashioned.

I suggest you watch it play out for yourself. Kerry makes a Lady Gaga meat dress joke and reveals which of the magazines she's actually the editor-in-chief of. Scandal!