The Real Housewives Of Atlanta: I’m Starting To Buy Into Kenya Moore’s Brand Of Crazy

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Kenya Moore RHOA Real Housewives of AtlantaI'm starting to worry for my sanity, you guys. I've been watching The Real Housewives of Atlanta, and I think it has officially caught me in its tricksy web, because I'm starting to buy into Kenya Moore‘s particular brand of crazy.

Right out of the gate, I could tell this lady was crazy, and I'm still very much aboard that wagon, but there's something with her ‘relationship' with Walter Jackson that I'm starting to think we still don't know. To catch you up — Kenya introduced Walter as her boyfriend this season, which wasn't weird, considering she was a first-time character and we didn't know her backstory. What was weird was all the pressure she kept putting on him to take their relationship to the next level, and the fact that she was comfortable doing it on camera. But then Walter dropped a bomb in the real world, after RHOA was already wrapped, but during its airing, saying that his and Kenya's relationship wasn't real. According to him, the two had dated for like two months three years ago, so Kenya asked Walter to come on the show with her and pretend to be her boyfriend. They didn't tell the other Housewives, they didn't tell the producers, they didn't tell anybody.

And the thing about this explanation was, I totally bought it. It made total sense to me — it explained why the relationship between Kenya and Walter seemed so strained and it explained why she kept flirting with her castmates' husbands. But what it didn't explain was why she was so insistent on the topic of marriage. I just wrote it off to her being crazy, and that could still be the case, but as we get further through episodes, I'm starting to doubt myself. Particularly after last night's episode, just watching the way that Walter deals with Kenya, I wonder if there is some degree of truth to their relationship. But then I wonder if Kenya's eyes are just slowly but surely hypnotizing me with crazy so that I believe everything she says and reject all clear and obvious truths. I don't know! But I'm starting to wonder if Walter is leading her on, because that's what her behavior suggests to me. It's clear to me by his tone and physicality that he's not interested in her, but that stuff is hard to see when you're personally involved and not watching yourself on TV, especially when the guy is telling you he loves you, which Walter has said multiple times. For all her marriage pressure, I've never heard Kenya tell Walter she loves him, she just keeps trying to communicate and be brushed off by him telling her that everything is fine.

But everything isn't fine, right?? He doesn't seem to like her, but she keeps saying they're going to elope. Would any self-respecting woman allow herself to look that stupid on national television? Would she push him to admit that he wasn't attracted to her? I know I wouldn't. If I was on a reality TV show in a fake relationship, I would keep my head down and talk really superficially about him in interviews, not repeatedly bring up marriage. And if they aren't really together, why would Walter agree to go on the show? And how would the producers have not figured it out? And why wouldn't he have left the show if they're truly on such different pages? Does a tow-truck driver really want the spotlight that much? Either he's willing to go along with a lie to be on TV, which is massively sketchy, or they're in an actual relationship and he's downplaying it because he's ashamed. In my mind, those are the only two options, and neither one of them is particularly attractive.

So yeah, this is me saying it out loud — I don't know if I trust Kenya yet, but I certainly don't trust Walter. Oh man…Kenya's gotten to me, guys. She's infiltrated my brain. Guess it's time for you to take all the sharp objects out of my room.