The Amount Of Writing Kendall And Kylie Did For Their Book Isn’t Surprising, But It’ll Still Offend You

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Kendall and Kylie Jenner Rebels City of Indra book signing June 2014

By now you've probably heard that Kendall and Kylie Jenner recently chose to extend their “famous for doing absolutely nothing” business into novel-writing. Oh sorry, did I say writing? I meant outlining. Kendall and Kylie did not actually write their young adult dystopian sci-fi novel Rebels: City of Indra. Ghostwriter Maya Sloan did, and the amount of work the Jenners actually put into it won't shock you. But it'll still make you want to donate money to a college English department.

The LA Times recently interviewed Sloan about working with the Jenners on the novel. In the article, we learn the extent of Kendall and Kylie's involvement in the project:

“Along with their creative director Elizabeth Killmond-Roman, the Jenners created a broad two-page outline describing the futuristic tale about two girls with superpowers who are secretly twins. Sloan was hired to execute that vision, using Kendall and Kylie as inspiration for the book's protagonists. The sisters took her along with them to New York Fashion Week and let her hang in their hotel room while they texted their friends.”

That's right, they made a “two-page outline” (Single-spaced or double-spaced? Perhaps we'll never know), and they still needed help from a creative director. Oh, and how thoughtful of them to allow Sloan to watch them while they texted people, all so she could observe their “lingo.” They of course also “had numerous Skype and Face-Time sessions with Sloan … and the group all marked up drafts with extensive notes.” Skyping and scribbling on a printout equals being an author now. What great news!

The most offensive part of all of this is perhaps the fact that Kendall and Kylie act as if actually writing the book their names are on would be the silliest idea ever. Kendall recently said in an interview that they “obviously can't write a sci-fi novel on our own.” That's especially obvious since they don't even seem capable of reading, if Kendall's teleprompter incident is any indication.

This whole situation really annoys me, and I'm not even insulted on behalf of Maya Sloan. She chose to ghostwrite it, she's getting her name out there now, and she's also co-author of the new book Rich Kids of Instagram in addition to writing a new novel of her own. I'm insulted on behalf of all the people out there who have ideas that are a hundred times more original and thought-out than the Jenners' and who are actually capable of executing those ideas through their own writing, and yet can't get all that hard work published because their sister didn't make a sex tape.

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