Compelling New Proof That Kendall Jenner And Kim Kardashian Are The Same Person

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Is there a doctor on the plane? I don't have an emergency or anything, I just need someone to confirm for me what I already know — that Kendall Jenner is slowly but surely morphing into the exact same human that Kim Kardashian is.

Looks-wise, at least. I have absolutely no knowledge suggesting that Kendall will create and/or leak a sex tape anytime soon (no matter how much of a big deal her pervy fans made out of her eighteenth birthday), but since my eyeballs have already suggested to me that these two are exact genetic copies of one another, all I need is a doctor's note giving me official confirmation of that fact, and I'll be on my way.

Kendall posted a photo to her Instagram yesterday in which she's doing a pretty much patented Kim Kardashian smize + head tilt toward the camera, and all I have to say is, holy crap Kris Jenner has the world's strongest genes. Her first husband Robert Kardashian and her second husband Bruce Jenner could hardly look more different, and yet her kids from each marriage could pass not only as sisters, but as identical twins. What is Kris Jenner eating that allows her humble momager cells to overpower the genetic code of a literal Olympian?

And look at that one, too! We must examine Kris, because she is making an ongoing series of child replicas, like some sort of reality star factory, and if we don't stop her, she'll have an entire softball team by the next time we turn around. (Rob can be a cheerleader.)

But yeah. I don't know about you guys, but I have to set aside some time for the rest of this afternoon to go through Kendall's Instagram photo by photo and find out exactly how this happened. SCIENCE.