Kendall Jenner Has Decided She’s ‘The Hot One Now’, So Let The Games Begin

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Kendall Jenner cheering and smiling GIFKendall Jenner has reportedly decided that she's the hot one in her family now, and it's been causing her to put on airs. Which I'm assuming means she gazes at herself in the mirror and says, “Mirror mirror on the wall, why are you moving your lips at the same time as me, that's weird.”

According to the cover of this week's OK Magazine, Kendall is so high on her own face and body that it's actually turning her against her sisters. The headline is ‘I'M THE HOT ONE NOW!' (and it's in quotes, so you know she said it), and the subheadings suggest that her new diva attitude has been turning her against her family, even telling her sister Kim that ‘everyone thinks you're a joke'.

Au contraire Kendall, everyone thinks your entire family is a joke. Except for maybe Penelope Disick. We're really holding out hope that she has it mentally together enough to formulate an escape plan for herself and North West.

But anyway, they're alleging that Kendall has a $12 million modeling contract and that she's using that fact to demand twice as much money for filming as her sisters bring in. Pretty bold, considering the only reason this girl is booking modeling jobs in the first place is because of her sisters. They built this family from the sex tape up, so show some respect.

And also get off your high horse about being hot! For one thing, you're eighteen, which is statistically the easiest possible time to be gorgeous. And for another, do you really want to be known as the hot one in the family? It's good for your ego in the moment, sure, but it doesn't take long for that empire to collapse in on itself, leaving behind a smoldering pile of silicone and desperation. Ya feel me, Kimberly?

Instead of focusing on your outward appearance, why not take some time to teach yourself to read? That way the next time you write a book, maybe you can contribute more than just a two-page outline! Doesn't that sound exciting???

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