Kendall Jenner Photographed Dancing Around A Stripper Pole

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[Update: This post is old. Click here for the latest on Kendall Jenner.]

Despite seeming somewhat nice and normal on her Sweet 16 special, Kim Kardashian‘s half-sister Kendall Jenner appears to be growing into her fameball role increasingly well. A set of pictures of Kendall (and friends) dancing around a stripper pole in what is basically underwear have been making the rounds today, and I want to throw a blanket over all of them and send them home to bed.

This one is even worse because it's so humpy. Stop that right now, young lady.

Does it make it better that it looks like this is a class or rehearsal of some sort? I would argue that it makes it worse, because we know their parents drove them there and signed some sort of consent form. Stripping is for grown-ups.Why does this even need to be said?

The comments on the Mediatakeout post provide further evidence these photos should not be on the Internet. One commenter calls Kendall “a cutie with a booty” and another calls her “a ho in the making.” Does momager Kris Jenner really want to expose her 16-year-old daughter to this kind of anonymous leering?

This gets less surprising when you recall that it's not the first time Kendall has played around on a stripper pole; there's been one in her house since she was little. On a 2007 episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians, Kendall (then 11) and her sister Kylie (then 9) danced around and imitated “Girls Gone Wild” while their brother's manager filmed them so he could put it on Youtube.

Someone send this kid to boarding school in Connecticut while there's still time.

(Via Mediatakeout)