Oh Good, Kendall Jenner’s Nipples Will Be Presenting At The AMAs Tomorrow Night

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Kendall Jenner posing like Kim Kardashian in selfie November 2013

Even though Kendall Jenner has absolutely nothing to do with the world of music (unless you count Kris Jenner‘s '80s music video as a connection – see below), she will in fact be presenting the award for “Best Pop Rock Album” at tomorrow night's American Music Awards.  I can hear the hamster wheels spinning in your minds asking, “Why?”

Well, one theory is because she's “dating” Harry Styles.  And by “dating” I of course mean that her momager is somehow powerful enough to set up a fakelationship between an A-list tween star and a D-list semi-Kardashian.  While I have absolutely no idea what Harry gets out of this fakelationship (career-wise, anyway), it's pretty clear that being seen with Harry just further thrusts Kendall into the spotlight and away from riding the coattails of her sisters.

My other theory has to do with Kendall Jenner's nipples.  Yeah, there's a sentence I didn't think I'd be writing about someone who's only been 18 for five minutes.  She recently–and very disturbingly, in my opinion–posted a basically topless picture on Instagram from a “modeling photo shoot.”  Three days later, it's announced that she'll be a presenter for the AMAs.  Hmmm.  She's been a “model” for a couple of years now, so why ask her to suddenly present at this awards show?  Because nipples.

Look, Kendall is a beautiful girl and I'm not saying there's anything wrong with modeling, per se.  What I am saying is that it's disappointing–if totally unsurprising–that another young member of this family is falling into the fame trap by being sexually provocative at a young age.  It's probably too late, but part of me wants to whisk her away from her family for awhile and show her the world and tell her she's smarter than that.

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