Kendall Jenner’s Latest Love Advent Video Is by Far the Dumbest Thing You’ll Watch Today

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Kendall Jenner Love magazine advent

As you probably know by now, Love magazine has an advent calendar going on where each day leading up to Christmas they post a new video of a scantily-clad lady. But just because it's a Christmas calendar doesn't mean all the videos will have to do with Christmas.

Rita Ora's Mean Girls tribute was very Christmassy, but the first day's video, featuring Kendall Jenner scaring herself in a shark costume, had as little to do with Christmas as anything could possible have. Now Kendall's starring in another new video for day 24, and it's even more WTF than the first one, albeit slightly more Christmassy.

The video and accompanying photo shoot are apparently titled “YuleFire” and were shot by James Lima, who said the idea came to him in a dream — that's always a good sign. Based on the title, you might assume it involves Kendall lounging seductively by a yule log for 45 minutes. You're only partly right. She is lounging seductively, but instead of being next to a toasty hearth, she's in the middle of a forest fire. Amazingly, her lingerie doesn't burn up, although it looks like the toes of her hose might be a little singed.

The video starts off with some run-of-the-mill Victoria's Secret level posing, but halfway through Kendall suddenly becomes some sort of evil enchantress who I'm fairly certain caused the fire in the first place.

Kendall Jenner Love advent 2

Then suddenly she's in a snowy landscape wearing a fur coat, because sure, why not?

Kendall Jenner Love advent 3

I spent my morning watching news bloopers, and this advent video is still the dumbest thing I've watched today, so congratulations, Love! Smokey the Bear would be very disappointed in you. Didn't you hear what he told you? Only you can prevent forest fires. You had one job!