Kendall Jenner Is Starting To Look Just Like Kim Kardashian, Proving Kris Is A Genetic Genius

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It's time to start talking about how much Kendall Jenner looks like Kim Kardashian. Everyone gather round and let's discuss this extremely important issue. An issue that could provide Nostradamian predictions about our pop culture future. Let us begin. This storm has been brewing for some time now. Last week when pictures emerged of Kendall holding her comically oversized Great Dane puppy, we thought there were some Kim-like features (on Kendall, not the puppy), but nothing could prepare us for the photo above, which Kendall shared on her Instagram.

Gossip Cop chose to focus on debunking the rumor that Kendall had gotten plastic surgery on her lips to make them plumper, but all we can talk about is how Kendall so clearly stole her sister Kim Kardashian's face and pasted it onto her own to take that picture. Otherwise this is simply terrifying. Just look at the pout of the lips, the squinty eyes, the tilted head. Sure, one eye is covered and that might be the one thing to throw the whole look off and lose the Kim vibe, but I don't think so. I think this is all part of Kris Jenner's evil plan.

Clearly before Kendall was even conceived Kris was plotting what to do if her attempts to make her daughter Kim famous for doing nothing failed or didn't last as long as she'd hoped. So she threw lip gloss and hair extensions and body wax into a cauldron, mixed it all up with some of her saliva, and poof! Out sprang Kendall Jenner. Because let's face it, there is very little Bruce Jenner in there, besides the fact that her body type is more “athletic” than “asstastic.” But I think that was just because Kris forgot to add a Buns of Steel DVD to her witch's brew. Everybody makes mistakes.

It's only a matter of time before Kim gets married and then divorced and completely runs out of ideas to keep her in the spotlight. And then Kris will quickly grab Kendall and hurl her into Kim's place. And it will all begin again. We're doomed, my friends.

(Photo: Instagram)