Kendall Jenner Redefines NSFW By Going Topless And Bottomless For Her Spread In Interview Magazine

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Kendall JEnner Looking In Mirror Fixing Hair

We've got ourselves the newest inductee to the Basically Nude Celebrity Club and her name is Kendall Jenner. It seems that in between fake-dating Harry Styles and not learning how to read off of teleprompters, Kendall's been perfecting her double-hand bra and nonchalant booty reveal. And perfect it she has, all in the name of blowing the world away with her best Blue Steel in Interview Magazine.

While certain celebrities cowardly choose to stop at full-body sheer red carpet gowns, Kendall stares in the face of the conventional wearing of tops and bottoms and laughs. Because who needs a top when you can fancy a bra out of nothing but your own limbs in under 5 seconds? Not KJ, that's who.

Here we see poor Kendall trapped in a tragic windstorm, which incidentally unzipped the top of her dress. It was traumatic, but thankfully there was a photographer there to capture her making it through while never ceasing to look great.

Kendall Jenner Topless Interview Magazine 2014

(Photo: Interview Magazine)

But, fearing that it was being overshadowed by her boobs, Kendall's butt was all, “Hey, don't forget about me down here!” So KJ gave it a little peek at the world so it wouldn't feel left out of the action. What a kind soul.

Kendall Jenner Blue Dress Interview Magazine 2014

(Photo: Interview Magazine)

And that's the story of how Kendall Jenner proved to us all that she's a real-life, for serious model who can smize and do ~classy~ nudity. Join us next time, when Kris Jenner gets wind of this photo shoot and releases her own set of near-nudes, so you don't forget that she's hot, too.

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