Kendall Jenner Was Backstage At SNL Last Night, Keeping Up With Those Harry Styles Fakelationship Rumors

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While Paul Rudd was busy showing us he's One Direction's biggest fangirl, Kendall Jenner was backstage at SNL last night, as Harry Styles‘ current number one fangirl.  Apparently this fakelationship is so serious, Harry even skipped out on the SNL after party to spend time with one of Kris Jenner's children!  Chalk that up to things I'd never do, but hey, who am I to judge these two crazy kids?

I don't know, I mean I'm sure Harry Styles gets to do a lot of cool things every day (like offering red velvet cupcakes followed by some red velvet sex), but skipping out on an SNL after party?  I guess I just never though someone like Harry would be the kind of guy to ditch Paul Rudd and his friends for a girl, you know?  Maybe people in glass houses shouldn't throw stones, since there was that one time in middle school I skipped out on a trip to Claire's accessories and butterfly hairclip-buying to go see Center Stage at the movies with my 8th grade boyfriend instead.  Which is totally the same thing as bailing on the cast of SNL and other celebrity partygoers.

Kendall and Harry have only been fake dating for three weeks, so I'm sure they're still in that new and exciting phase of a young relationship where your publicists are grilling you on each others' favorite foods and colors and stuff.  I mean, worst case scenario this relationship fizzles out and Kris Jenner begins orchestrating her next pretend date for Kendall. Best case scenario?  Harry and Kendall make it all the way to the Grammys, where Taylor Swift debuts a song she wrote about their relationship.  And doilies.

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