Kendall Jenner And Drake Took A Selfie Together, Does This Mean She Calls Him On His Cell Phone?

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Kendall Jenner and Drake Took a Selfie Together  Does This Mean She Calls Him on His Cell Phone  Kendall Jenner Drake December 2015 jpg

I honestly thought at this point that everyone in the celebrity world had been rumored to date everyone else in the celebrity world, and we could all go home and eat some cookies in front of the TV and stop speculating. But apparently there was one pairing that the rumor mill missed. I’m of course talking about Kendall Jenner and Drake. So fire up those speculation machines and let’s talk.

Yesterday Drake shared the above photo on Instagram depicting him and Kendall at Kris Jenner’s Christmas Eve party last week — the same party where Kim Kardashian and North West wore matching fur jackets. As you can see, their faces are touching. According to the unofficial celebrity rumor manual that all of us carry around in our brains from birth, two celebrities standing any closer than five feet apart requires that people start wondering whether or not they’re dating each other. These two overachievers really went above and beyond with it.

Surprisingly, E! News went all “meh” on us, saying they “don’t appear to be” more than just friends. Do they not see the faces touching? The lip bite? The kissy face? We might as well go ahead and list them as each other’s spouses on their Wikipedia page. I mean, how could anyone be so blind as to not see it?

But no really, in all seriousness (well, not all seriousness, but some of it), I wouldn’t really mind these two together. That’s a cute picture. I at least hope they can be BFFs who grab brunch together every once in a while. To be honest, I mostly want this to happen in the off chance that Drake will show up in the background of various Keeping Up With the Kardashians scenes doing his “Hotline Bling” dance. Do you think he did it at the party? OMG someone leak the video, please.

(Photo: Instagram)