Kendall Jenner Needs To Put Her Clothes Back On, She Also Needs A Mom Who Cares Enough To Tell Her That

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I know it's cliche at this point to discuss Kris Jenner‘s incredibly questionable parenting decisions when it comes to her two younger daughters, Kendall Jenner and Kylie Jenner, but the photo shoots are getting increasingly worse. In a photoshoot for Flavor magazine, Kendall Jenner throws on a barely there bikini and poses provocatively for the camera.

Yes, 16-year-olds wear bikinis and yes 16-year-olds model all the time. But there's something that seems so wrong for this 16-year-old to be selling her sexuality so openly at such a young age. Kendall Jenner's only known because her older sister Kim Kardashian starred in a graphic sex tape years ago.

That one sex tape launched this family into the spotlight and they've never looked back. Kris Jenner remains hellbent on making sure she profits as much as possible off each of her daughters. While she can spin her role as a caring momager who practices tough love as much as she wants in interviews, I just don't buy it.

Kris Jenner's eyes are constantly on the bottom line and therefore they're missing the more important line — the one she's constantly crossing in her quest to monetize her children.

Kendall Jenner should not be posing provocatively in bikinis and shown off to the world. She shouldn't be subjected to criticism and to older men's sick fantasies. She should be going to high school full time, studying hard and trying to figure out how to have a career that doesn't involve her family.

Thanks to Kim's scandalous divorce with Kris Humphries, the Kardashian-Jenner brand name's rapidly on the decline and it's unlikely that being born into that family will go very far in a few years. Unfortunately the family's so focused on living in the moment and pitching reality shows, that they've forgotten to look toward the future.

And right now that future looks pretty bleak for Kendall Jenner, a teenager who's being taught that sex sells.

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