Kendall Jenner Got Herself A Brand New Fakelationship, And It’s With Harry Styles’ Twin

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Kendall Jenner Laughing

Kendall Jenner has reportedly started “dating” 5 Seconds of Summer's Ashton Irwin. And it makes total sense, because what do you get for the girl who has everything? A PR-friendly relationship with a pop star whose star power is rapidly growing, duh! Yeah, she got that same exact gift last year in the form of One Direction's Harry Styles, but it broke and she was ripe for a new one. So, she wrote to Santa Kris and promised to be naughty only when there's money to be made, and she woke up to her brand new fakelationship under the tabloid tree!

The rumors of this clonemance (I'll be here all week, folks) began when Kendall was allegedly spotted getting into Ashton's taxi in New York earlier this week. No word yet on if Kris Jenner was crouching on the un-photographed side of the taxi screaming stage directions at Kendall like a middle school musical theater teacher, but I suspect the possibility exists.

But, so that no one was mistaken, Kendall made sure to follow orders and post a photo of herself hanging out with some of the members of the band, their stylists, and Hailey Baldwin beforehand.

Two fun facts that I think you should know about Ashton are that 1) he thinks that stereotypical Mexican dress is a fun party theme, and 2) he is currently supporting Harry on tour. As in, his band is supporting Harry's band, not that he consoles him when he's feeling down, or whatever. Although, since they now have so much in common, maybe he's the best person for that job! They really do both have the “I like my jeans skinny, my dimples deep, my hair floppy and bandana'd, and my relationships fake” thing going on, so who better than yourself to go to for advice?

I just hope that Kendall doesn't confuse the two again anytime soon because that might make the remainder of their previously-agreed-upon 3-month-long fakelationship super awkward!

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